Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibition Entry and Ticket Buying Processes

Where can I buy exhibition tickets?

Just as you can buy your tickets online at Biletix and Mobilet, so you can buy tickets at the NASA Exhibition Entrance of the Metropol Istanbul AVM.

Do I need to print the tickets I bought online?

No, you can enter with the code sent to your smartphone.

Which zones of the exhibition does the entrance ticket cover?

With the entrance ticket, you have the right to visit the entire historical exhibition area with a tour guide. You can experience the simulation equipment in the specified zone with the pay cards you can obtain from booths in the simulation zone. You can top up as you wish and benefit from marketing campaigns.

Can I enter the exhibition whenever I would like to or do I have to choose a session?

Our exhibition has been planned in a sessional manner within the scope of COVID-19 measures, as well as to convey the content in a high quality manner accompanied by tour guides. You can see the available sessions while on Biletix and Mobilet.

I have a HUPALUPA card and I have enough balance to cover the entrance fee, can I enter the exhibition with this card?

No. Main exhibition entrance tickets can be obtained from Biletix and Mobilet or from the booths at the exhibition entrance. However, you can play some special equipment in the area with your Hupalupa card, and you can top up as needed

I arrived at the exhibition center late, can I still join the session?

Unfortunately no, we are working with capacity planning due to the corona restrictions, you have to wait for the next session as the capacity is managed in line with the session participation information.

Until when is this exhibition open?

This exhibition lasts until end of February in Istanbul

Campaigns and Pricing

Are there group discounts?

Yes, for group sales you have to fill out the form on our website and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Are there any bundle campaigns for entry to HUPALUPA and the exhibition?

Bundle packs are available in the simulation area. As you charge more in the simulation area, you can earn bonuses that you can spend in Hupalupa as well. You can find detailed information at the ticket booth or at

Can I get information about ticket prices?

Please continue to visit our website sitemizi for our pricing options.

Are there any promotion campaigns or price reductions in the VR and Simulation zone?

Yes! You can earn a 20 TL bonus for every 100 TL you spend and a 50 TL bonus for every 200 TL you spend in this zone, you can use these bonuses both on the equipment in this zone or at any equipment/zone at Hupalupa.


Is the exhibition open every day and at what times can I enter?

Our exhibition is open everyday of the week, the first session is at 10:00 and our last session is at 20:00. On average, sessions last one hour.

Is your exhibition disabled-friendly?

There are suitable entrances in our area for our physically handicapped visitors. Since the exhibition is mainly audio-visual, we cannot assist in cases of disability that are not suitable for this type of content.

Can anyone use the simulation equipment?

Since some of the equipment is pushing the physical limits, it is recommended to use it after determining the suitability of the equipment for you in the zone.

Is the exhibition only for children? Does it appeal to audiences of all ages?

On the contrary, this exhibition is an exhibition for everyone who is passionate about science and technology. It's an event for the whole family

Can I take and share pictures inside?

Yes. There are bespoke areas that we have reserved in the area just for this. You can also share on social media with the tags that we have predetermined and marked in the field.

I have a toddler and her age is not suitable for the content of the exhibition, but I have to enter the area with her, is it free to enter?

Our exhibition area is free for children aged 0-5 (born after January 1, 2017)

I speak a foreign language (any language other than Turkish), can I still enjoy the exhibition?

Our guides speak Turkish and our sessions are held in Turkish. However, descriptive boards are both in English and Turkish. If you bring your personal earphones, you can also watch the videos in English by scanning the relevant QR codes in the exhibition area. The simulators and VR Experience inside the zone for sure do not require any specific language comprehension.

Exhibition Content

Are the astronaut suits/rockets/products in the exhibition real or just mock-ups?

In the exhibition, there are astronaut outfits and equipment, packaged astronaut food and materials that have gone to or come from space, such as moonstones, but there are exact replicas and models of rockets, satellites or the International Space Station (ISS) equipment that still continues to work in space.

Can I buy souvenirs in the exhibition? Can I do this with the balance on my HUPALUPA card?

You can buy your gifts from the souvenir booths in the exhibition only with cash or credit card. Apart from this, you can purchase our NASA licensed products without entering the exhibition, as there is a direct access to the gift shop from the shopping mall. The products are also available on e-Commerce sites, please follow the purchase links on our website.


How is this exhibition related to HUPALUPA Family Entertainment Center? Can I also buy exhibition tickets from HUPALUPA?

The exhibition is sponsored by HUPALUPA EXPO, along with other partners, which is affiliated to the HUPALUPA parent company. However, you cannot obtain exhibition tickets from HUPALUPA. An important point: You can experience the simulation equipment by charging your HUPALUPA game cards after entering the exhibition. If you already have enough Hupalupa balance, you can cover equipment fee with this balance. If you don't have a card, you can get it in the zone, and even play with this card in HUPALUPA after visiting the exhibition. The NASA exhibition center is one floor below HUPALUPA, in Metropol Istanbul AVM Atasehir.


Are there ticket refunds? Can I change sessions?

Unfortunately no. Since we work with tour guides, we cannot make changes in terms of the management of the pre-planned processes.

What are the precautions you took at the exhibition within the scope of COVID-19 measures?

Our exhibition person capacity has been adjusted in line with COVID-19 measures. In addition, the equipment to be used in the simulation areas will be sterilized in accordance with the hygiene standards after each use.

Is there anything else I should know before visiting the exhibition?

The exhibited equipment and general narratives can be followed with your smartphones by scanning the QR codes located in the area. For audio content, it is recommended to bring your own headset. Headphones will not be distributed in the area as part of the covid19 measures.

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